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Originally Posted by gbdoc View Post
Good, and I*m glad I asked. For now, I*m content that I have a clone I could repopulate from. Once you have an M2 Mac and have tried it, or someone with experience could answer this thread, I*d appreciate the information. Thanks.

Hi gbdoc,

I have the same setup as you but backing up to a Sandisk, Extreme Pro 1 TB. Like you I can't get it to boot and the description sounds similar. I'm happy enough knowing I can use Migration Assistant if I need the data. In fact that is how I set up the MacBook Air M2 in the first place. So I was just ignoring the issue for now. I guess now that Monterey 12.6 is out I should do an Erase / Install and try the whole thing again. I'll post the results back here if I do that.

Regards Michael
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