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Maybe I can help a little. First, if you are going to do complete SuperDuper backups of your computer's hard drive, then you don't need to separate the three "functions" or whatever you would call them in your list. The backup disk will have all that information on it: it will have your applications, ready to use, all of the rest of your information, and a functioning operating system (the same one that is on the computer you are backing up.)

This also means there is no need to partition your new drives. (Which as you probably know is done with the Mac's built-in application Disk Utility, when you do need to partition.)

Either one of these backup drives, when plugged into any other Mac and set/selected as the startup drive will boot and run that machine just like you were running the one you copied from (assuming of course that they are Macs that will run the system version in question, etc.)

You test all this by (after you are through with the copying) trying first one drive, and then the other, as a startup disk for your present machine to make sure they work.

Hope this helped. (Notice everything in this answer assumes you are going to be using "Backup--all files" as your copy script in the main SuperDuper window.)
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