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Run a backup from the Dock with no further user intervention

The problem solved is to make a one-click backup. Dave Nanian pointed me to an earlier thread in the FAQ, titled
Can I use SuperDuper! 2.0 with my Maxtor OneTouch Button?
which seems to have disappeared.
Here's what I gleaned from that and from some experimenting; this method doesn't require any use of Terminal, FWIW.

Set up the backup as desired.
Schedule it. (It doesn't matter what the schedule is because you will shortly delete it.)
Navigate to ~/Library/Application Support/SuperDuper!/ and copy the .sdsp file (which you just created) from Scheduled Copies to Saved Settings. ("~" means "your home directory".)
Back in SD!, you may now delete the scheduled backup.
Using the Finder, control-click on the copied .sdsp file, use Show Package Contents. Make an alias of the Copy inside the .sdsp package and put that wherever desired, e.g. on the Dock.
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